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e plenary meetings for RAN, CT and SA are co-located over a one week (formerly two week) period in a quarterly cycle. e 3GPP portal holds e up-to-date 3GPP calendar of meetings, from ere you can refine your search fur er. During each 3GPP meeting (TSG or WG) e Chairman of e group must make e following call for IPRs: I draw. RAN WG5 works on e specification of conformance testing at e Radio interface (Uu) for e User Equipment (UE). e test specifications are based on e requirements defined by o er groups such as RAN WG4 for e radio test cases, and RAN WG2 and CT . page generated from database: - -17 19:40:35. ABOUT RELEASES. Release 18. Release 17. Release 16. Release 15. Release 14. 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 73 RP-161683 New Orleans, USA 19 – 22nd , Source: Telefónica Title: Cost-related requirements for future massive MIMO systems on e cost of massive MIMO systems Agenda Item: 9.2.1 Document for: Discussion 1 Introduction Massive MIMO systems comprising a large number of antennas at e base station File Size: 346KB. Select TSG/WG. All TSGs. 3GPP CT. Plenary 3GPP CT. 3GPP CT 1. 3GPP CT 2 (closed) 3GPP CT 3. 3GPP CT 4. 3GPP CT 5 (closed) 3GPP OP IMPROVE (closed) 3GPP PCG. Plenary 3GPP PCG. 3GPP PCG WP. 3GPP RAN. Plenary 3GPP RAN. 3GPP RAN 1. 3GPP RAN 2. 3GPP RAN 3. 3GPP RAN 4. 3GPP RAN 5. 3GPP RAN 6 (closed) 3GPP RAN AHG-ITU. 3GPP SA. Plenary 3GPP SA. Forded LS from TSG RAN: LIAISON STATEMENT TO 3GPP ON REVISION OF REPORT ITU-R M.2291: TSG RAN: noted: Information: SA71: 7.7: To: TSG SA. Cc: SP-160208: ISO/IEC JTC 1/WG Liaison Statement to its Liaison Organizations - Request for comments on ISO/IEC WD 30141, Information technology — Internet of ings Reference Architecture. LS from TSG RAN: DRAFT Letter to ITU on e completion of e submission of LTE-Advanced tod Revision 3 of Rec. ITU-R M. IEEE 802.11 Working Group Liaison on e role of WLAN in IMT-: IEEE 802.11: noted: Information: SA74: 6: To: TSG RAN, TSG SA. Cc: IEEE 802 EC SP-160748: report: Draft Report of TSG SA meeting 73: TSG SA. Following e change of company of Dr. Steven Chen (Futurewei Technologis (ATIS) - Apple (UK) Limited (ETSI), a formal consensus for Stevens’s continuation as RAN4 Chairman shall be sought as soon as elections would be possible. RAN WG4 works on e RF aspects of UTRAN/E-UTRAN. RAN WG4 performs simulations of diverse RF system scenarios and derives e . S4-180275: LS out: Reply LS on FEC and ROHC for mission critical services over MBMS (To: TSG SA WG2, Cc: TSG CT WG3, TSG SA WG6, TSG RAN WG2, TSG RAN WG3). e IEEE 802.11 Working Group (WG) anks 3GPP RAN TSG for considering its liaison statement (LS) of 16 (RP-161804, sourced from 11-16/1 1r) and passing it to e 3GPP PCG for fur er discussion on how e two groups can cooperate. sp-170175: ls in: ls from itu-r wp5d: fur er info on e invitation for submission of proposals for candidate radio interface technologies for e terrestrial components of e radio interface(s) for imt- and invitation to participate in eir subsequent evaluation. 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 LAA Ad-hoc R1-151160. ch 24 – 26, . Paris, France. Agenda item: 2. Source: Qualcomm Incorporated. Title: Discussion of response to IEEE LS on Simulation Scenarios and Evaluation Me odology. is is a sum y of 3GPP TSG RAN89e. Because of e COVID-19 virus, e meeting was held as an electronic meeting. General. RAN Meeting Plan. e latest RAN meeting plan assumes e worst case of electronic meetings roughout 2021 because of COVID-19. e RAN . 3. Date of Next 3GPP RAN2 Meetings: 3GPP RAN2 Meeting 94 23 – 27 Nanjing, China. 3GPP RAN2 Meeting 95 22 – 26 ust Go enburg, Sweden 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 71 RP-160600. Göteborg, Sweden, . 7 -, . revision of RP-160522. Source: Intel Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporated, China Telecom. Title: New Work Item on. 3GPP 1 3GPP TSG RA WG1 Meeting 86 R1-167593 Go enburg, Sweden, ust 22-26, Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Performance evaluation of OTFS waveform in single user scenarios Agenda item: Document for: Discussion. Introduction Several candidate waveforms for NR have been presented and discussed at e past two RAN1 meetings. 1/4 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting NR R1-1700859 Spokane, USA, 16 - 20 uary Agenda item: – 4 step RA Procedure Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Discussion on RACH procedure and Resources Document for: Discussion and ision 1 Introduction In RAN187 meeting [1], a few agreements on e RACH procedure and on RACH resources were. 3GPP Technical Specification Groups (TSGs) and Working Groups (WGs) e Project Co-ordination Group (PCG) is responsible for overall time-frame and management of technical work to ensure at e 3GPP specifications are produced in a timely manner as required by e ket place according to e principles and rules contained in e Project reference documentation. 27,  · e latest plenary meeting of e 3GPP Technical Specifications Groups (TSG72) in Busan, Korea, has agreed on a detailed work plan for Release-15, e first release of 5G specifications. e plan includes a set of intermediate tasks and check-points to guide e ongoing studies in e various Working Groups. 3GPP/3GPP2 IP Core Network Convergence (S00-200 820-021) was presented. e TSG-S All IP AdHoc Chair was directed to draft response correspondence to e OHG over e signature of e 3GPP2 SC Chair for review by e closing Plenary. TSG-S Meeting Sum y: 20-23 ust 2001 - Portland, OR 3GPP2-S00-2001 29-002 Page 3. 08,  · TSG Plenary Status for LTE-Advanced Pro 3GPP Study/Work Item Meeting Release Date Enhancements of NB-IoT RAN72 Rel-14 ~ Fur er Enhanced MTC RAN72 Rel-14 ~ WID on Remote UE access via relay UE SA71 Rel-14 ~ Fur er Enhancements to LTE Device to Device, UE to Network Relays for IoT. 24,  · 1r1 TSG-X uary Meeting Agenda Chair 19 2 ERA WG Report ERA 14b 2: report approved, 2A: approved for transmittal 3 MMD WG Report MMD 14c X.P0064-0 v1.0 approved for V&V, to close ch Opening Plenary. 3Ar1: approved for transmittal. 3Br1: approved for transmittal. 4 PDS WG Report PDS 14d 4Br1: approved as modified. 13,  · 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 64 RP-14099814 03 Sophia Antipolis, France, - 13 e revision of RP-14099866 Source: NextNav Title: New SID: Study on Indoor Positioning Enhancements for UTRA and LTE Document for: Approval Agenda Item: 14.1.4 3GPP Work Item Description For guidance, see 3GPP Working Procedures, article 39. and 3GPP TR 21.900. 1 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 57bis R1-092852 Los Angeles, USA e 29 – y 3rd, 2009 Agenda item: 15.3 Source: LG Electronics Title: PUSCH Fording in Type II Relay Document for: Discussion and ision e. Introductions In RAN57 meeting, an issue was raised regarding PUSCH fording in type II relay [1, 2]. 3GPP TSG RAN will keep IEEE 802 LMSC updated of e fur er development on Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA). Date of Next RAN Plenary Meeting: RAN Plenary66 8-11, ember, Maui, US Document RP-141664 RAN1 SI on License Assisted Accss v11.doc: 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 65 RP-141664. Edinburgh, Scotland, 9 - 12 . revision of RP-141646. 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 LAA Ad-hoc R1-151159. ch 24 – 26, . Paris, France. Agenda item: 2. Source: Qualcomm Incorporated. Title: Discussion of response to IEEE LS on LBT Categories. Document for: Discussion and ision. 1 Introduction. 04,  · TSG Plenary Status TSG Topic SA RAN 3GPP Project Name Study Item Work Item Study Item Work Item Indoor Positioning Enhancement / ELIOT 67 64 Licensed-Assisted Access using LTE 65 68 Single-Cell Point To Multipoint (SC-PTM) transmission 66 68 LTE support for V2X service / LTE-based V2X Services 67 69 68 Extended Proximity-based Services. During e period of 17-18 ch 2003, 3GPP2 TSG-S meetings were held at e Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, BC, Canada. is document is intended to sum ize ose proceedings. OPENING PLENARY. CALL TO ORDER AND OPENING RE KS: e meeting was called to order on 17 ch 2003 at 1:15 PM local time by TSG-S Vice Chair, Akira. NACK Bundling, RI-082615 (revised from RI-8260 1), 3GPP TSG RAN WG 1 Meeting 53bis, zaw, Poland, . 30-Jui. 4, 2008, 7 pages. 3m Generation Partnership Project, Technical Specification Group Radio Access Network. Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA). Multiplexing and Channel Coding (Release 8), 3GPP. 21,  · A five-day working group meeting of e 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) RAN WG opened in Taiwan on Monday uary 21, wi 459 registered delegates attending. e goal of e meeting is to progress 3GPP Release 16 which will include an important IMT Use Case: Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC). e IEEE 802.11 Working Group (WG) anks 3GPP RAN TSG for considering its liaison statement (LS) of 16 (RP-161804) and passing it to e 3GPP PCG for fur er discussion on how e two groups can cooperate. 3GPP TSG RAN WG Tdoc R1 -02-0018, Nokia, Compact Signal ling of Multi-code Allocation for HSDPA, version 2, Espoo, Fin land, . 2002. 3GPP TSG RAN WG 1 Tdoc R1-02-1277, Noika, Two reshold Node B Packet Scheduling, Shanghai, China, . 2002. 3GPP TSG RAN WG 1 Tdoc R1-02-1350, Motorola, Design Con. PDF. In 3-rd generation partnership project (3GPP) long term evolution (LTE) system, device-to-device (D2D) communication has been adopted for next . Find, read and cite all e research you. During e period of 9-12 ember 2002, 3GPP2 TSG-S meetings were held at e Outrigger Wailea Resort in Maui, HI. is document is intended to sum ize ose proceedings. OPENING PLENARY. CALL TO ORDER AND OPENING RE KS: e meeting was called to order on 9 ember 2002 at 1:30 PM local time by TSG-S Chair, Rich Robinson (Sprint PCS). 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 65 RP-141 2. Edinburgh, Scotland, 9 - 12 78bis 78bis 87bis 87bis 87bis 85bis 72bis 72bis 72bis 72bis 79 79 88 88 88 86 73 73 73 73 1 21 en is WG specifies e WG leading e Core part. RAN WG4 is by default leading e Perf. part. 13 Supporting Individual Members. Supporting IM name. is Ford Racing 3.73 Rear Gear and Installation Kit is designed for use wi 8.8in solid rear axle equipped Mustangs, including e 2005- GT, Bullitt, BOSS, Shelby GT500 and - V6 models.Application Note: Does not fit Boss or - Shelby GT500 Mustangs wi axle codes S-215-D and S-219-D. 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 53 R1-081711 Kansas City, USA, 5 – 9 , 2008 4 Executive sum y 3GPP TSG WG RAN1 52bis meeting took place at Intercontinental Shenzhen, CHINA. e meeting started at 9:20 on Monday 31st ch and finished at 17:30 on Friday 4 April 2008. e week was scheduled as follows. APPROVED SUM Y OF TSG-S MEETING for 13-16 uary 2003 in Shenzhen, China Source: Clifton J. Barber SECRETARY Representing KDDI CJ Barber Consulting Services 4551 Puckett Street Forest Park, GA 30297 (404) 608-1977 [email protected] Abstract: is document is a sum y of e 3GPP2 TSG-S meetings at were held during e period of. 3GPP TSG RAN WGl Ad Hoc on LTE, R1 -050822, -. 2005, 7 pgs. Cubic Metric properties of CAZAC sequences , 3GPP TSG RAN WG145, Rl-06l284, 2006, 4 pgs. Coherent vs. non-coherent ACK/NAK signaling in E-UTRA uplink , 3GPP TSG RAN WG! Meeting 48, R1 . 08, 2008 · `signals transmitted on PUCCH. R1-073005, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 `Meeting 49bis, Orlando, Fla, . 25-29, 2007, 4 pages. `Notice of Reason for Rejection mailed . 19, 20, in correspond `ing Japanese Patent Application 2009-519168. `Panasonic, Signaling parameters for UL ACKNACK resources. `R1-0736.16, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 50, A ens. ere has been lots of discussion in TSG-RAN Working Group 4 (Radio) about how e harmonic issue present in e inter-band CA combination of bands 4 and 17 should be defined in e official LTE-Advanced specifications. In a document presented by Nokia Corporation during 3GPP TSG-RAN WG 4 meeting 62 4 different specification me ods were outlined. regarding e TSG-S consideration to form a 3GPP2 Security WG (S00-200 723-009) was presented as FYI. is correspondence indicated at AHAG will collocate wi TSG-S in Portland in ust 2001 for e purpose of discussing is issue. e Chair advised at e joint meeting wi AHAG has been scheduled for 21 ust 2001 at 1:00 PM. 09,  · 3‐7 e 2031 TSG‐AC Meeting Sum y Page 3 of 14 1 8.9 OMA 2 None 3 8. 3GPP 4 Action AC‐/06‐02 5 AC00‐0603‐022, Liaison Statement regarding information of progress in e SI on LTE‐HRPD SON, was 6 remanded to all WGs for review and comment wi comments coordinated by WG4. • e TSG-C Chair had established a meeting of WGs 1 rough 5 to discuss e 1xEV-DV publication schedule on Tuesday 8 2001. • In an unofficial contact by e TSG-C Chair wi e 3GPP TSG-RAN Chair, 3GPP has indicated at e requested joint meeting to discussion harmonization.

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