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02, 20  · ere's a manga at is very similar, and by at I mean it's almost exactly e same.. Well, e plot is a little bit different, but if you read Kamisama Hajimemashita, you will notice at. 31,  · I love kamisama hajimemashita! haha ere are not to much but try is ones: Inu x Boku SS -Otome Yōkai Zakuro-Inuyasha-wagaya no oinari-sama-Fruits Basket-Wolf's Rain-Ranma ½-Tokyo Mew Mew. ere aren't much like at..i've been looking for it..but ese are e most similar, mostly e first 3..Hope I helped-Enjoy =D. Simiarly, bo manga deal wi e concerns of e lead heroine, and e past lover of e main character.Bo manga have fairly established OTPs, ough Kamisama Kiss has more humor and supernatural elements an Shinobi Life (which is fairly realistic apart from e central 'timetravel' aspect). Apr 01,  · e chapter 12 of e second season Kamisama Hajimemashita ends in e adaptation of e chapters 62 and 63 volume 11 of manga, for what you have at to begin to read from e chapter 64 Corresponds to e same volume for take again e history of anime. Personally i like Kamisama Hajimemashita more, but Inu x Boku SS is a great step from ei er side to go too. Similar in eir own way but each very different and astounding. If you enjoyed one of em, you are sure to enjoy e o er. 26,  · I have read kamisama hajimemashita. I don't mind as long as ere is a demon inside. Like a demon falling in love wi a human. Like black bird? Moved Permanently. e document has moved here. 01,  · is is honestly my favorite romantic comedy anime of all time! It is hilarious, and very cute too! Kamisama Hajimemashita en you would love is! Special. Similar to Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama, but not as good in my opinion. It's a romantic comedy. 30,  · Animes at are Romance/Comedy/Drama.. not alot of drama. just like Kamisama Hajimemashita.. Cute characters ough! doesnt have to be main, OR!! Anime at has a fox-character / neko-character just like Sankarea / Kamisama Hajimemashita. 01,  · No, ey haven't really became a 'dating' couple yet, but ey do acknowledge eir love for each o er. e romance in e manga is e same but progresses much more. e manga . 07,  · i read Kamisama Hajimemashita. i want some ing similar. a master-servant relationship is also good. wherein e e relationship involves a demon and a human. - a HAPPY ENDING is a must. (e two live happily in e end) - good drawing - wi a touch of comedy - ROMANCE - reverse harem (optional.) - not too smutty anks! Looking for information on e anime Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss)? Find out more wi MyAnimeList, e world's most active online anime and manga community and database. High schooler Nanami Momozono has quite a few problems of late, beginning wi her absentee fa er being in such extreme debt at ey lose every ing. Downtrodden and homeless, she runs into a man being . Momozono Nanami’s dad, a man wi a penchant for gambling, disappeared after accumulating a huge amount of debt. us, she was chased out of her house by e debt collectors. When she met a timid guy being chased by a dog, he told her at he’d give her his house. She believed his persuasive talk, but when she went to his house it turned out to be a shrine. Moreover, a guy wi fox ears. 12,  · Yahoo Products. fi. fi asked in Entertainment & Music Comics & Animation. 5 years ago. I need a good romance anime pleaseeee!? Any ing like: Kamisama Hajimemashita. Inu x Boku SS. Wolf girl and black prince. Say i love you. Kimi ni todoke. Kaichou wa maid sama. Ao haru ride. Answer Save. 4 Answers. 14,  · Before I tell you what i need in e anime here's a ning I am VERYYY picky, now what I really need is a anime like vampire knight, I need a love triangle wi two males and 1 female, e female has to be e main character or protagonist. It can be about vampires, spirits, esp, any ing dealing wi e stuff I mentioned. It has to be more an 14 episodes. 17,  · As far as manga goes i really like e smut ones! And wi e anime i want ones where ey at least kiss a few times. But here are e ones i've read/watched Ai Ore! (sequel/romance/drama)** Ai wo Utau Yori Ore ni Oborero! (romance/drama)** Bijin Dorobou (romance/drama) Black Bird (action/romance)*** Black Blood Bro ers (action/lil romance)** Blood+ . 09,  · I'm looking for manga like himekei doll, kyou koi wo hajimimasu,youko boku. -must be romance,shoujo -boy character must be handsome instead of cute -girl character can be pretty/cute It really difficult finding is type of manga please,any suggestion? 29,  · Looking for an anime like kaichou wa maid-sama! or say I love you anime. please help looking for a romance anime wi eir type of relationship. guy is usually pretty cool. seduces girl. Sometimes be girl is shy about it. blushing ect. ey take eir relationship seriously and get more into it. please animation preferably good. I'm not a fan of old art. Hola ya he visto todos los anime de mi lista pero quiero saber si ahi alguno parecido a Kamisama Hajimemashita que no sea inuyasha ya que mx.answers.yahoo.com Anime Like Kamisama Hajimemashita [Recommendations. Feb 16,  · Shugo Chara Ikuto is cat like! ere is a slight love triangle but it is defiantly wor it. for a full happy ending READ SHUGO CHARA ENCORE! after e anime because its just an encore/ending and changes EVERY ING. 17,  · In e anime/manga Kamisama Hajimemashita does Kurama love Nanami, or does he just want to eat her heart to become e land deity? What exactly is eir relationship? Because sometimes he's super helpful and generous tods her, and o er times he's talking about how he'll be e land deity and all at jazz. 09,  · Kamisama Hajimemashita. Dear! Skip Beat. Sora Log. Vampire Knight. Ookami Love. Boku wa Ookami. Hanatsukihime. Hana to Akuma. Kimi to Koi no Tochuu. Ore ga Akuma de, Aitsu ga Yome de. ere's quite a bit more, but I ink is should get you started. 05,  · After watching Inuyasha, o er animes became kinda boring I tried looking for animes like Inuyasha but I cant seem to find one at fits my taste. It has to have a plot wi demons and stuff, romance, action, comedy, and e way e characters look needs to be similar. It would be really helpful if you could name 4-5 animes like Inuyasha and explain how it is similar. Apr 22,  · I liked kaichou wa maid sama. special. ouran high school club. tonari no kaibutsu-kun. kamisama hajimemashita. dn angel. well, i don't really like . Feb 24,  · I would really like it if e shoujo manga/ anime was modern and also i would prefer e girl in e shoujo manga/anime to be really strong-willed like be misaki in kaichou wa maid sama who doesn't give in to e boy easily! please don't reccomend me e all time favourites coz i have already read most of em! i would like some like SKIP BEAT. where e girl takes revenge on a guy . 08,  · A lot of people recommended Kimi Ni Todoke and Hiyokoi, but i'm not looking for at slow pace young love type of ing, I fell in love wi e art, (good art, not old fashioned or messy looking) and e fact at e main character, is a beauty. I don't know why im picky wi it, but Its hard for me to stick to a manga if e main character (prefer a girl) is not attractive. So my main. 28,  · Shoujo Manga I cried at: Kamisama Hajimemashita (just so beautiful!) Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun (e development in it just makes me cry!) Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Apr 12, 20  · Just like what I`m asking can anyone find any raws for Kamisama Hajimemashita by Suzuki ietta besides e web sugarblossoms since at web is in maintainence and you can`t register because she keeps disabling em and i cant find a register button, so can anyone find o er sites? it doesn`t have to be downloadable as long as i can read em anyone? Feb 20, 2008 · Read reviews on e manga Kamisama Hajimemashita (Kamisama Kiss) on MyAnimeList, e internet's largest manga database. Nanami Momozono is a high schooler who has a lot on her plate. Her fa er had evaded his enormous gambling debts by escaping town, which resulted in his dhter being evicted by e debt collectors. As Nanami muses about her future, she runs into a man . Kamisama Hajimemashita Shōjo Manga Gets TV Anime ( 3, ) New York Times Manga Best Seller List, e 17-23 ( 29, ) Nor American Anime, Manga Releases, e 3-9 ( 5, ). Official Title: en verified Kamisama Kiss 2: Official Title: ja 神様はじめました: Type: TV Series, 12 episodes Year: 06.01. till 31.03.: Tags: bishounen Young man whose beauty (and ual appeal) transcends e boundary of gender or ual orientation., comedy Anime whose central struggle causes hilarious results. ese stories are built upon funny characters, situations. 29, - View and download is 600x750 Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita) image wi 122 favorites, or browse e gallery. Explore. Art. Drawing. Manga Illustration.. Saved from zerochan.net. Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita) Image 1421714 - Zerochan Anime Image Board. View and download is 600x750 Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita) image wi. Apr 07,  · i love e animes like: kaichou wa maid sama fruits baskets ouran highschool host club special a are ere any o er GOOD animes like ese? Nanami Momozono is alone and homeless after her dad skips town to evade his gambling debts and e debt collectors kick her out of her apartment. So when a man she's just saved from a dog offers her his home, she jumps at e opportunity. But it turns out at his place is a shrine, and Nanami has unwittingly taken over his job as a local deity! Nanami has all kinda of new responsibilities she.

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