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e app seems designed for people who don't want to use online dating but who also don't want to approach people in real life. Pick a lane. 8 of 13. e Shekel (or sheqel) of Tyre (as it is called) was actually e only SILVER coin at Herod e Great minted at Jerusalem.. Production of e Tyrian shekel at e Tyre mint occurred 125 - 19 BC. is is e Pre-Herodian temple Shekel tax each Jew had to pay into e sanctuary treasury. b. SHEKEL: about 14 grams, about 28 mm diameter HALF SHEKEL: about 7 grams, about 22 mm diameter Numismatists who study ese intriguing coins understand e dating system and e minting system, which appear to e left and right of e eagle. But ose details are beyond CoinQuest's scope and do not affect value too much. 21,  · Indeed, one such shekel dated year 191 (equating.D. 65 to 66 — possibly e last year of issue for Tyre shekels) was only just confirmed in February , a coin submitted to e grading. 15,  · e silver Shekels and Half-Shekels of Tyre, some of e most recognizable coins of e ancient world. ough shekels were struck during e fif and four centuries B.C. by several rulers of. Shekel of Tyre 1 BC-1 AD $ 2.15. Shekel of Tyre 1 BC-1 AD quantity. Add to cart. SKU: BC-2 Category: Coins of e Bible. Description Additional information Description. is coin comes from a silver mint in Tyre, a large port city in Phoenicia (now Lebanon) which was among e first cities in e region to strike its own coinage. Considered one. Tyre, Phoenicia AR Shekel or Tetradrachm. Year 24 = 3/ 2 BC. Laureate bust of Melkart right / TYΡOY IEΡAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY, eagle standing left on prow holding palm, date ΔK over club to left, Phoenician letter between legs, HΣ monogram right. Text: Image: BMC 114: Phoenicia, Tyre, AR Shekel. Dated year 29=98/97 BC. 17,  · ey are common, especially e Tyre mint examples. I have seen group lots of 15-20 pieces at major coin shows before. e major demand for em is e biblical reference. As an ancient silver piece, ey are more common an 80 of e coins out ere. I own an example. Not as nice as is, but nice looking and I got it for around $300 8 years. 25,  · e half shekel was e required yearly tribute to e temple for every Jewish male over e age of 20. Ed Cohen notes in Dated Coins of Antiquity, at e minting of Tyre shekels or, more specifically, half shekels, ended at e onset of e Jewish Revolt in 65/66 and e minting of e Jewish Revolt shekels en begins. DCA-Tyre. 919.2.97 ***** e Tyre shekel was e coin at was used for temple taxes in Jerusalem during e time of Christ. Due to its graven images it was seen as contradicting e First Commandment. It was for is reason at money changers could be found in e temple. It is eir extortionist behavior which resulted in e passage found. 14,  · In addition to e shekel, Tyre also struck half-shekels, which have been issued principally to pay e annual tax at e Temple in Jerusalem. While half e size of e shekel, is coin retains e same design elements and dating system as its larger counterpart. is coin shown here is typical of e series as a whole. e shekel was minted by e Phoenician-Judean city of Tyre, which is in present-day Lebanon, from 126 BC to 66 AD. e coin replaced e Greek coinage of Alexander e Great. superb shekel of tyre biblical hellenistic ancient coin. certified genuine shekel of tyre by pcgs. obv: laureate bust of e tyrian god melkart (known as king of e city and associated wi herakles) right. rev: eagle right standing on e beak or prow of a ship, club left. graeco-phoenician legend of tyre, sacred and inviolate. Shekel or AR Tetradrachm of Tyre, Jerusalem or Nor ern Israel Mint. Dated Year 123 = 4-3 BC. Laureate head of Melquart right / TYΡOY IEΡAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY, eagle standing left, palm branch over shoulder, date ΓΡK and club to left, KP and monogram to right. e right field of e reverse carries a monogram, e left field a date, beginning LA, or year one of e era of Tyre, equivalent to 126/5 B.CC. Below e date e mint k of Tyre, a club, is shown, and between e legs of e eagle, ei er e Phoenician letter XX (') or XX (B). 21,  · Shekel of Tyre *Ngc Strike 5/5 Ch AU Highest Grade On eBay* - Duration: 0:20. Jason Mintz 18 views. 0:20. Pawn Stars: A Seller's Ridiculous Offer for a Ben Franklin Medallion. 12,  · Tyre immediately began to strike a coinage at would be well known roughout e Mediterranean for e ensuing two centuries. e shekel, a silver coin trading on par wi e regional tetradrachms, was struck annually, wi e years since obtaining autonomous status denoted on e reverse of each piece. Tyre Shekel Ancient Biblical Silver Jewish Temple Tax Greek Coin Ngc I74000. $3,598.80. Forvm Ch Xf Shekel Of Tyre 18-19 Ad Judas' 30 Pieces Of Silver Herackles/eagle. $3,795.00. Ancient Greek Biblical Coin Silver Tyre Shekel 29 Bc Year 98 - Tyre Mint Rare. $1,999.00. e Tyre shekel was e coin at was used for temple taxes in Jerusalem during e time of Christ. Due to its graven images it was seen as contradicting e First Commandment. It was for is reason at money changers could be found in e temple. Get e best deals on Ancient Shekel Coins when you shop e largest online selection at Free shipping on many items. Browse your favorite brands TYRE SHEKEL Ancient Greek Coin Silver COUNTER K! $4,985.00. $14.50 shipping. Ancient Greek, Car age Shekel 3-2nd c. BC. Horse 20 mm, 4.8 grams. $155.00. 29,  · e collection consists of 38 shekels of Tyre, e main silver coin used in ancient Judaea. Assembled by noted numismatic scholar and au or Frank L. Kovacs of Corte Madera, Calif., over a quarter century, e shekels of Tyre will be offered as a single lot of 38 coins. e entire collection is expected to bring more an $150,000. e Tyrian shekel is mentioned at least twice in e New Testament. Notably in Mat ew 26:14, 15 when Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, almost certainly Tyrian shekels from e Temple Treasury. One of e finest Tyre shekels currently on e ket. Minted in year 35 of . PHOENICIA. Tyre. 126/5 BC-AD 65/6. Shekel (Silver, 29 mm, 14.38 g, 12 h), year EK = 25 = 2/. Laureate head of Melqart to right, wi lion's skin tied around his neck. Rev. ΤΥΡΟΥ ΙΕΡΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΑΣΥΛΟΥ Eagle standing left on prow, wi palm frond of his far shoulder. in e field to left, EK above club. between eagle's legs, alef. in e field to right, monogram of ΗΡΑ. Order Phoenicia Tyre Silver Shekel (126-5 BC-65-6 AD) VF NGC at APMEX or call (800) 375-9006. We offer competitive Silver prices on Ancient (Silver Coins & Bronze) (About 600 BC - 476 AD) and secure 24/7 online ordering. Dated Coins of Antiquity (DCA), Supplemental Photographs of Tyre Contents. 2.79 Tyre, Shekel, Year 84, 43/42 BC.. 9 2.80 Tyre, Shekel, Year 85, 42/41 BC.. 1. Tyrian shekel of Alexander Balas, 152/1–145 BC Tyrian shekels, tetradrachms, or tetradrachmas were coins of Tyre, which in e Roman Empire took on an unusual role as e medium of payment for e Temple tax in Jerusalem, and subsequently gained notoriety as . e Holy-Half Shekel has been restored to e Jewish people of Israel. Jerusalem's Tyrian Shekel one in Lebanon at Tyre, and e second at Antioch. e mint in Tyre produced Tyrian Shekels and Half-Shekels, of a 95 silver purity, between e years 127 BCE and 19 BCE. In e year 19 BCE Rome closed e mint in Tyre and began to import an. Phoenicia, Tyre. Silver Shekel. Dated Year 96 = 31-30 BC. Rare date written in Phoenician! Laureate head of Melkart right / TYPOY IEPAS KAI ASULOU, Eagle standing left on prow, date in Phoenician above club in left field, monogram in right field, Phoenician letter be between eagle’s legs. Vertical club to left of eagle's feet. ref: BMC 180v. Silver shekel minted in 123 BCE wi Greek inscription (clockwise from top) TYROU h IERAS kai ASYLOY [of Tyre, sacred & sanctuary] to left of eagle. Despite e image of e Tyrian god (Ba'al) Melqart on its face, Jews had to pay eir annual temple tax wi coins like is during e time of Jesus. 25, 2005 · Early Tyrian shekel wi reverse double-struck, minted in 7- 6 BCE. Weight 14.184 gram, maximum diameter 28.3 mm. Sold by Forum Ancient Coins nr. SH20434. After Demetrius was murdered, e city Tyre became independent and started to mint autonomous shekels in a style, size and weight (c. 14 gram) very comparable to e earlier tetradrachms. 5 Shekel of Tyre 90/89 BCE (H-1618) e Jews had no silver coins of eir own roughout e period of Tyrian shekels and half shekels. But all of e Judaean taxes were specified in shekels (e.g. e annual Temple Tax for males over 20 was specified as half a shekel). So e Temple Priests had to devise a practical solution. 06,  · Empty your pockets wi e Pawn Stars when e guys eye a 2,000 year old Shekel of Tyre. e same type of coin given to Judas to betray Christ, will ey make a . Home Auction-Archive World and Ancient Coins Ancient Coins Jerusalem 20BC - 55AD Shekel of Tyre irty Pieces of Silver PCGS Genuine Back to Search/Browse Page For a larger image, click on lower right hand corner. Where a coin series such as e Biblical shekel of Tyre shown below crosses e millennium divide of 1 BC/AD 1, e catalog continues to its last dated coin in e AD era. A Biblical related coin known as type 30 Pieces of Silver accepted/rejected by Judas for e betrayal of Jesus Christ to e Romans. e Tyrian shekel weighed four A enian drachmas, about 14 grams, more an earlier 11-gram Israeli shekels, but was regarded as e equivalent for religious duties at at time. Because Roman coinage was only 80 silver, e purer (94 or more) Tyrian shekels. 22, - Au entic Jerusalem Coin Replica Shekel of Tyre 1 B.C. - 1.D. is coin comes from a silver mint in Tyre,which is a large port city in Phoenicia (now Lebanon) who were among e 1st cities in e region to strike its own coinage. Considered one of e most popular coins in e Bible, Judas was given 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus to e au orities. Hiram, king of Tyre, sent cedars of Lebanon, cypress logs and artisans to Jerusalem to help King Solomon build e First Temple (1 Kgs 5. 2 Chr 2). However, most people not be ae at ere is a connection between e city of Tyre and e Second Temple in Jerusalem e Tyrian shekel. Shekel of Tyre, Phoenicia, Tyre. AR Shekel of 96 - 95 BC. 14.12g. Laureate head of Melqart rt. / Eagle standing lt. on a prow, branch on far wing, club before. BMC 118. Nice VF+ wi great style and unusually well struck. One of e popular '30 Pieces of silver' Judas was paid to betray Christ. Shekel or sheqel (Phoenician: 𐤔𐤒𐤋 ‎, Hebrew: שקל, plural שקלים sheqalim or shekels. Akkadian: 𒅆𒅗𒇻 šiqlu or siqlu) is an ancient Near Eastern unit of weight.It was first a currency in ancient Tyre and ancient Car age and en in ancient Israel under e Maccabees.. e modern currency unit used in e State of Israel today is officially known as e Israeli new. Shekel of Tyre, Famous Biblical 30 Pieces of Silver of Judas. Phoenicia, Tyre. Struck at Nor ern Israel Mint, possibly Jerusalem. Silver Shekel dated Year 130 (4/5 AD). Laureate head of Melqart right, lion skin around neck / Eagle standing left.

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